The Daily Beatings Will Continue Until Response Improves

Along the Carolina coast, in places where Blackbeard and other pirates once roamed, they sell tee shirts with a big Jolly Roger emblazoned on the back.  Underneath the skull and crossbones, there’s always a cute saying. My favorite:

“Surrender the booty!”

My second favorite:

“The daily beatings will continue until morale improves.”

That second slogan reminds me a lot of online marketers, these days:

Folks who spend a not-so-small fortune to attract opt-ins for their e-zines – and then blindly go about bludgeoning their new prospects within an inch of their lives with high-energy e-mails or driving them to high-energy sales pages.

These marketers seem to believe that, by giving prospects a daily thrashing, response will eventually improve.  Sorry – but to me, that’s just dumb.  Nevertheless, I’m struck by how many clumsy, ham-handed online marketers do just that – and then wonder why their files are so unresponsive.

A much, MUCH better way …

Lately, I’ve been spending most of my time working on messaging to a client’s house file – the people who’ve accepted a free subscription to his daily e-letter plus those who, at one time or another in the last year or so,  have actually unlimbered their credit cards and bought something from him.

Now, I don’t mean to brag, but we’re doing quite well.  Our prospects are becoming customers at an almost unheard-of rate and our customers are spending more with us with every passing month.  Yes, even in this lousy economy.

The thing is, although we e-mail our names almost daily, we spend weeks on end NOT asking anyone to buy a single, blessed thing from us.  To the contrary:  We spend weeks at a time literally begging them to accept things of tremendous value from us for free.

Just recently, for instance, we spent two full weeks just asking the file to visit our blog and tell us what ONE THING would help them most, promising that we would move heaven and Earth to give it to them.  We got literally thousands of posts from grateful prospects and customers.

Nearly every one of those posts thanked us for everything else we’re doing for them – praised our free information.  This, of course, quickly convinced every non-customer and newbie on the list who even glanced at them that this company is credible.  It delivers the goods.  It cares about them.  It can be trusted.

The majority of the posts also told us precisely what they needed to make more money in the stock market – and unsurprisingly, most of the answers were very similar.

So for the next two weeks, we dug deeper … asking them to tell us more … posing questions that would elicit more specific answers … and hinting that in a week or two, we would give them the answers they needed – all for free, all to help them make more money.

Then, it was time to take the next steps with them – again; patiently –  establishing my client’s concern for them and positioning him as their champion beyond the shadow of a doubt.

After about a week of engaging our prospects and customers on the subject of what they needed to succeed, we revealed that we would soon host a complimentary online video event in which we would deliver the goods – and then asked them to tell us precisely what they’d like us to cover in that event.

After another week, while continuing the conversation about how we could best help them, we announced that the event would take place two weeks hence … and began inviting them to grab a free registration to attend.

A week later – still continuing our engagement on the basis of their needs – we began counting down to the end of the free registration period with daily e-mails that progressively revealed more of what we would give them at the online briefing.

Each of these e-mails contained a healthy dose of “You asked, so we’re  delivering” – both to solidify our positioning as their advocate and also to remind them that we were pulling out all the stops to give them what they’d been asking for.

We also infused these e-mails with mystery:  Progressively, tantalizingly  lifting our skirts to reveal a bit more ankle or a provocative glimpse of calf each day.  And in each e-mail, we also used facts and quotations from third parties to establish the remarkable power of the investment secrets we were about to reveal.

More than 60,000 people watched that video event online. 

And we sold them absolutely NOTHING.

Instead, we asked them to visit our blog to tell us what they thought of the event … invited them to Part Two one week hence, telling them that because they participated in Part One they were already registered for it, again; for free.

And for the next week, we continued to engage those who viewed Part One with e-mails about all the wonderful things we’d reveal in Part Two … while using tons of glowing testimonials they left on our blog to convince the rest of our file that missing Part Two would be the dumbest mistake they’d ever make.

Finally, at Part Two of the online briefing … after five weeks of personal engagement with them … 35 days of listening intently to the file … of delivering tremendous value to them for free … it was finally time to offer them a product that was created to directly fulfil the very desires they had told us about.

The sales page, sent to viewers after the event via e-mail, was extremely low-key.  No copywriter lingo, unbelievable claims or screaming headlines – just credibility out the wazoo, mouth-watering incentives for giving the product a fair try and of course a money-back guarantee.

That was last Tuesday, and response was off the charts:  Far as I can tell, it was the biggest day in the company’s history.  And if past experience is any indication, the response will continue at record-shattering levels for many weeks to come.

More importantly, when all is said and done, this cycle will be a huge win-win for everyone.  The company will have prospered.  It’s customers will have a product that directly addresses their most pressing needs now.  And most importantly, we will have bonded with our prospects and customers in powerful ways that will ensure that our next events and our next offering of financial solutions will do even better.

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